Etableret: 1815
Status: I drift
SMWS kode: 29
Region: Skotland - Islay - South Shore
Adresse: Laphroaig Distillery, Isle of Islay, Argyll and Bute, PA42 7DU


SMWS skriver selv:

Seaside surprise

We were sweetly welcomed by freshly baked apple and sultana crumble, dusted with cinnamon and nutmeg and covered with butterscotch sauce. Then the heady notes of Tokaji dessert wine integrated with nut brittle and the marzipan of battenberg cake to produce a most irresistible concoction. A medicinal note entered from the sidelines like pungent camphor smeared onto staves of new oak. Water released a profusion of salmon-smoking, lobster-cracking, driftwood-gathering maritime antics, all with a great abundance of fresh seaweed. The texture was oily and viscous like melted butter in preparation for frying sweet shallots. A harmonious finish carried a flinty and mineralic edge with sweet smoke and sticky tar on seaside wood.

Alkohol %: 56,8

Outturn: 210

Dato destilleret: 25-March-1999

Alder: 18 Years Years

Tøndetype: Refill Oloroso Butt

Region: Islay


NavnAlderVol. pct.SmagtAftapper
Laphroaig 1976ukendt43,0
Laphroaig 1994 Highgroveukendt40,0
Laphroaig 1997 Highgrove - Cask #141ukendt46,0
Laphroaig An Cuan Mòrukendt48,0
Laphroaig Brodir Port Wood Finish - Batch 001ukendt48,0
Laphroaig Cairdeas - Cask Strength Quarter Cask (Feis Isle 2017)ukendt57,2
Laphroaig Cairdeas 2013 Port Wood Editionukendt51,3
Laphroaig Cairdeas 2015 200th anniversaryukendt51,5
Laphroaig Cairdeas 2016 Madeira Caskukendt51,6
Laphroaig Cairdeas Bottled 2014ukendt51,4
Laphroaig Feis Isle 2010 Càirdeasukendt 
Laphroaig Feis Isle 2011 Càirdeasukendt50,5
Laphroaig Four Oakukendt40,0
Laphroaig Loreukendt48,0
Laphroaig PX Caskukendt48,0
Laphroaig QA Caskukendt40,0
Laphroaig Quarter Caskukendt48,0
Laphroaig Selectukendt40,0
Laphroaig The 1815 Legacy Editionukendt48,0
Laphroaig Tripple Woodukendt48,0
Laphraoigh - Flensborg forhandleraftapming643,0
Laphroaig 2011 - Same as 10K658,7
Laphroaig 2005 cask 129 (sample 3. juni 2013)cirka 858,8
The series - Laphroaig 2001946,0
Laphroaig 101040,0
Laphroaig 101043,0
Laphroaig 10 cask strength1055,7
Laphroaig 10 cask strength1057,3
Laphroaig 10 Cask Strength - Batch 0021058,3
Laphroaig 10 Cask Strength - Batch 0031055,3
Laphroaig 10 Cask Strength - Batch 0041058,3
Laphroaig 10 Cask Strength - Batch 0061058,0
Laphroaig 10 Cask Strength - Batch 0071056,3
Laphroaig 10 Cask Strength - Batch 0091058,1
Laphroaig 10 Sherry Oak Finish1048,0
Laphroaig 1111 
Laphroaig 2002 cask 3798 (sample 3. juni 2013)cirka 1158,2
Laphroaig 12 (for our Nordic friends)1248,0
Laphroaig 1998 Highgrove - Cask #6311246,0
Laphroaig Càirdeas 121257,5
Laphroaig Brodir 13 years1350,5
Laphroaig 151543,0
Laphroaig 1998 cask 635 (sample 3. juni 2013)cirka 1553,4
Laphroaig Feis Isle 20071750,3
Laphroaig 181848,0
Laphroaig 21 FoL Exclusive (35cl.)2148,4
Laphroaig 252540,0
Laphroaig 25 cask strength2550,9
Laphroaig, The Bessie Williamson Story2543,0
Laphroaig 272757,4
Laphroaig 303043,0
Laphroaig 404042,3
Elements of Islay - Lp1ukendt58,8Speciality Drinks Ltd
Elements of Islay - Lp4ukendt54,8Speciality Drinks Ltd
Laphraoaig 1988, Murray McDavid, Bourbon Caskukendt46,0Murray McDavid
Laphraoaig Harley Davidson ´(whiskymesse 2012 masterclass)ukendt46,
SMWS 29.137 - Ballet shoes and distributor capsukendt58,9SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
Premier Barrel Laphroaigh 8846,0Douglas Laing
McGibbons Laphroaig 19981046,0Douglas Laing
SMWS 29.111 - Lemon over oysters on a beach1057,3SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
SMWS 29.113 - A changeling1057,7SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
C&S Dram Collection Laphroaig Cask 7002851161,1Scottich Liqueur Centre
SMWS 29.91 - Bovril and neeps1263,8SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
The Whisky Society 1996 Laphroaig1257,5The Whisky Society
Laphroaig 1998 - Cask #5552+55531346,0Signatory
Douglas Laing's Ole Particular Laphroaig 14 DL10694 (Feis Isle 2015)1448,4Douglas Laing
SMWS 29.161 - A bodega is burning1460,4SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
Ole Malt Cask Laphroaig 19871550,0Douglas Laing
Cadenheads Laphroaig 16 bourbon1658,4Cadenhead's
Cadenheads Laphroaig 16 sherry1653,0Cadenhead's
SMWS 29.182 - Burnt buttered bannock bread1657,8SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
SMWS 29.62 - Danger Warning1657,0SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
SMWS 29.67 - Siren in a w....1653,3SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
SMWS 29.135 - Fisherman's Friend Aniseed Lozenges1760,7SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
SMWS 29.157 - Heidi's holiday to Islay1759,2SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
SMWS 29.205 - Two wheeled beach cruiser1758,8SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
SMWS 29.149 - Puffers and fishing boats moored together1860,1SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
SMWS 29.155 - Maritime mellifluosity1859,2SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
SMWS 29.185 - Sweet dreams1851,9SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
SMWS 29.226 - Seaside surprise1856,8SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
SMWS 29.236 - A smoky concoction1857,7SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
SMWS 29.130 - A chimney sweep smoking a cigar1952,1SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
SMWS 29.206 - Popeye at Trafalgar1949,8SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
SMWS 29.209 - More revising than smelling Salts1950,1SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
SMWS 29.187 - Beach huts, boatyards and ferries2056,7SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
Laphroaig 1987 - aged 21 years2150,0Douglas Laing
SMWS 29.116 - Perfumed smoke in soapy bubbles2147,4SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
SMWS 29.128 - Deep, dark and hugely entertaining2158,8SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
SMWS 29.211 - Jazzy jousting hastlitude2151,6SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
SMWS 29.212 - Oyster flavoured wine gums2156,2SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
SMWS 29.219 - Heavenly Sweetness and Demonic Smoke2157,0SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
SMWS 29.261 - An evil Dutch dentist's dram2150,3SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
SMWS 29.129 - Leather and lime in a smoky room2255,1SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society
SMWS 29.274 - Rage, Rage against the Dying og the Light2554,6SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society

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