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Port Charlotte - An Turas Mor


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Dette er den færdige Port Charlotte fra Bruichladdich.

Efter at have lanceret PC 5, 6, 7 og 8 som limited editions ved fadstyrke sender Bruichladdich nu den færdige udgave på markedet som multi vintage uden aldersangivelse.

Den indgår nu i standard sortimentet fra Bruichladdich, som den peatede version. Den er selvfølgelig ikke koldfiltreret og ikke tilsat farve.

Bruichladdich beskriver selv den nye An Turas Mor således:

"Port Charlotte Comes of Age

An Turas Mor - The Great Journey

We are pleased to announce the first world-wide release of the new cult Islay whisky - Port Charlotte.

Distilled from heavily peated Scottish barley, to the tune of 40 ppm, it is one of the most smokey Islay single malts while its Bruichladdich origins gives it a surprising elegance and finesse.

To distinguish it, being the polar opposite to normal Bruichladdich, we called it Port Charlotte, or ‘PC’ as it is now affectionately know, after the neighbouring village where it has matured since 2001.

To date it has been available only to serious whisky fans and collectors at both high cask strength and in limited editions. The award-winning, dramatic picture-tinned PC5, 6, 7 and 8 charted the evolution of this new Islay single malt via the people and places behind it.

Now we now have the definitive PC. It’s a very compelling dram at drinking strength. We’ve presented it as a multi-vintage as it benefits from a variety of American oak casks artfully put together by Jim for optimum enjoyment, so now a much wider audience can enjoy the mighty enigma that is Port Charlotte.

Port Charlotte MV An Turas Mor, the peaty version of Bruichladdich, now forms part of the company’s mainstream portfolio of Islay single malts alongside Classic and The Organic. PC was distilled and bottled at Bruichladdich Distillery at 46% with Islay spring water, non chill-filtered and caramel-free."

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17 Dec 2010Møde 16: Julefrokost


Jim Murray: Whisky Bible 201285,5

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