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Bowmore 16 Limited 1990 edition


Serie:Bowmore limited 16


This limited edition Bowmore is from a selection of only 39 sherry casks, which have all matured in Bowmore’s famous Vaults below sea level.

The hand crafting of this exceptional malt whisky started back in 1990: the barley was carefully malted, hand turned and traditionally peat kiln dried at the distillery. After fermentation and slow distillation, through Bowmore’s large copper stills, the spirit was laid down to mature in selected Oloroso sherry casks. For sixteen years the casks have quietly rested, undisturbed in the deep, dark Bowmore vaults. Finally the golden spirit was decanted straight from the casks to the bottle. This is truly a fine expression of the Bowmore Distillers art.


The result is a Bowmore light teak in colour; the aromas are big, rich and complex – dark chocolate, raisins and sweet figs are bound together with that distinctive Bowmore smokiness. On the palate it is warm and delicious, full of rich fruit cake flavours with a slight salty spiciness. The finish is long rich and elegant.

It has taken dedication and passion to create this Limited edition sherry matured vintage Bowmore. We trust you will savour and enjoy.

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21 Sep 2007Møde 1: Stiftende generalforsamling
21 Nov 2008Møde 5: Julefrokost

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Carsten: 95,0
Farve: Dyb ravgul. Duft: Typisk Bowmore, chokolade, egetræ. Smag: Let sprit, jod, olie, med nosser - som Bowmore skal være. (21 Nov 2008) Møde 5 Spider diagram
Finn: 93,0
Farve: Mørk gylden. Duft: Bowmore, eg, fenol. Smag: Tørv, tørret frugt, fed. (21 Nov 2008) Møde 5 Spider diagram
Farve: Mørk chokolade. Smag: Mørk chokolade. (21 Nov 2008) Møde 5 Spider diagram
Peter: 95,0
Farve: Kastanie. Duft: Bowmore + eg. Smag: Sherry power, peat, bowmore tørv. (21 Nov 2008) Møde 5 Spider diagram
Peter: 97,0
Super Bowmore. 16 år på sherryfade har givet en fremragende whisky. (15 Dec 2009)


Jim Murray: Whisky Bible 200789,0
Jim Murray: Whisky Bible 201089,0

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