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Bowmore Laimrig 15 (18.000 flasker)




Der har tidligere været tappet en Laimrig 15 (kun 4.500 flasker) ved en styrke på 50,3%.

Denne udgave er tappet nogle år senere (18.000 flasker) ved en styrke på 53,7%.

Om denne udgave skriver Bowmore selv:

"Islay has always been more reliant on the ocean's highways rather than roads for its contact with the outside world and the ancient stone pier and harbour at Bowmore provides one of the few landing stages, not to mention shelters from Atlantic storms, in the south of the island.

A hub of activity at high tide, it's here that the village's supplies would have been unloaded, including barley for our distillery. It's from here too that Bowmore's sought-after spirit would have started its journey to the four corners of the world.

To celebrate its role in both Bowmores' growth, we created Bowmore Laimrig, which is Scottish Gaelic for 'pier'.

Bowmore Laimrig

Laid down in Bowmore's legendary No. 1 Vaults, which is the oldest maturation warehouse in Scotland and the only one below sea level, our limited release Laimrig finished its long 15 year maturation in a hand-selected Spanish sherry cask. Just as the surrounding seas have helped shape Islay life, so the sherry cask has left its unmistakeable mark on this truly remarkable whisky.

On the eye teak brown. Breathe in sweet dark sherry, figs and cocoa balanced with smoky peatiness and a salty tang. Sip a rich combination of chocolate, sherry, raisins and smoke. Savour the long and lingering finish."

Smagt i foreningen:

08 Mar 2013Møde 33: Auchentoshan

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Peter: 95,5
(08 Mar 2013) Møde 33
Finn: 95,0
Farve: mahohny. Duft: sherry & cacao. Smag: Sherry. God eftersmag. Det smager godt! (08 Mar 2013) Møde 33 Flavour Mapdiagram
Henning: 93,0
(08 Mar 2013) Møde 33
Carsten: 95,0
(08 Mar 2013) Møde 33

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