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Octomore 04.2 / 167 ppm Comus




And, in thick shelter of black shades imbowered,

Excels his mother at her mighty art;

Offering to every weary traveller

His orient liquor in a crystal glass

These words are from John Milton’s work ‘Comus’, written in 1634. It’s a philosophical discourse about

the tension between sensual pleasure and physical abandon,

extravagance and moderation, chastity and virtue.

Milton’s morality play of a beautiful virgin’s struggle to protect

her virtue is based on an ancient legend.

Bacchus, the god of wine (and debauchery), seduced the

enchantress Circe, ‘the loveliest of all immortals’, daughter of

Helios the sun god. The result of their union, a son, Comus.

Invested with the divine powers of his parents, Comus ‘excels

his mother at her mighty art’, in conjuring up yet more powerful

magic potions.

His was the skill to create sensual, hedonistic and intoxicating

potions, ‘orient liquor in a crystal glass’, that could seduce the

innocent, the virginal, with wild, sensual orgiastic pleasures.

Comus became the god of excess. But in Milton’s struggle the

innocent’s virtue prevails.

In Octomore 4:2 ‘COMUS’ we have such a mysterious and

ambrosial potion.

The same duality, a similar struggle: the most heavily peated

whisky in the world, matured in the very finest oak possible,

impregnated with the greatest sweet wine known to man.

An unlikely combination. A tension? An excess? Or a divine,

ethereal, otherworldly experience?

We call it Comus.

Do not be deceived, all is not what it seems.

As with all previous releases of Octomore, this is bottled at 5 years of age. Distilled from barley peated to

167 ppm. There are only 18,000 bottles available world-wide

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Peter: 91,0
God, men røgen er ikke så kraftig som de 167 ppm havde skabt forventning om. Smagt på 2012 som nr 10 ud over dem vi smagte i foreningsregi. (14 Apr 2012)

WWWBeskrivelse McEwan smager Octomore 4.2 Comus

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