Inverleven / Dumbarton / Lomond


Etableret: 1938
Status: Lukket og nedrevet
SMWS kode: 20+98
Region: Skotland - Lowland - Western Lowlands
Adresse: 2 Glasgow Rd, Dumbarton, West Dunbartonshire, G82 1SP, United Kingdom?


Lukket 1991.

Tekst fra

The distillery has been created in 1938 by Hiram Walker, short after he acquired Ballantine in 1936. he distillery stoppen production of single malt in 1991.

Several distilleries shared the site: Dumbarton, Inverleven and Lomond. All of them are closed by now.

Hiram Walker sold the distillery to Allied Distillers which would later become Allied Domecq. When Pernod Ricard acquired Allied Domecq, they also became the owner of Inverleven. The distillery is closed with no hope to reopen in the future. Main reason herefor is that the installations are very old and difficult to modify.


NavnAlderVol. pct.SmagtAftapper
Deoch an Dora 1973ukendt48,5