Chita Distillery


Etableret: 1972
Status: I drift
SMWS kode: G13
Region: Japan
Adresse: 16, Kitahama-cho, Chita-shi, Aichi, Japan


Chita Distillery - The Grain Distillery

In 1972, Keizo Saji—Suntory’s second Master Blender—

took a momentous step forward in pursuing Shinjiro Torii’s vision

for whiskies blessed with the riches of Japanese nature and craftsmanship.

On the misty, calm shores of Chita Peninsula,

Keizo built a distillery dedicated to creating the highest-quality Japanese grain whisky.

Using corn grain and a continuous multiple column distillation process, the Chita Distillery makes three types of grain whiskies. The heavy-type grain whisky is distilled through two columns, the medium-type through three columns, and the clean-type through four columns. This diversity is rare among grain whisky distillers as most only produce the heavy type.

Due to their exceptional smoothness and balance, Chita grain whiskies have traditionally been used as the “dashi” or broth that enhances the harmony in Suntory’s renowned blended whiskies. But through many years of research and innovation, the Chita Distillery’s grain whiskies have achieved an unrivaled sophistication and complexity—culminating in The Chita Single Grain Whisky.


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