St Magdalene (Linlitgov)


Etableret: 1798
Status: Lukket og nedrevet
SMWS kode: 49
Region: Skotland - Lowland - Central Lowlands


The original buildings of this closed distillery are on the Glasgow to Edinburgh railway line at the eastern end of Linlithgow, by which name its malt is sometimes known as. The site had several uses before it became a distillery in 1798. It was originally a hospital opened in the 12th Century used to treat lepers. It was then converted in to a convent known as St Magdalene convent or Lazar House.

The distillery was built adjacent to an existing distillery known as Bonnytoun (at one time there was five licensed distilleries in Linlithgow). The owner of Bonnytoun bought St Magdalene around 1800 and shifted his emphasis onto St Magdalene, as it was the more successful of the two distilleries. So successful was it that expansion followed Bonnytoun was absorbed into one big complex. In 1914/1915 the distillery became one of the original five distilleries that merged to form the Scottish Malt Distillers, the other four being Clydesdale, Glenkinchie, Grange and Rosebank. Sadly Glenkinchie is the only one out of the original five still in production. St Magdalene closed in 1983 and has been converted into flats. We will miss this elegant whisky in the future.


NavnAlderVol. pct.SmagtAftapper
St Magdalene 1982 Old Malt Cask2850,0Douglas Laing

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