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Ardbeg Auriverdes (Feis Isle 2014)


Serie:Ardbeg Feis Isle (Ardbeg Day)


Frigivet til Ardbeg Day 31. maj 2014. Ardbeg Day er destilleriets dag på Feis Isle.

Teksten nedenfor er fra distilleriets hjemmeside.


Skilful newcomer Ardbeg Auriverdes is the newest talent to emerge from premier distillery Ardbeg. Distilled with equal measures of both skill and passion, all eyes will be on Ardbeg Auriverdes – named after its golden whisky (auri), and unmistakable green bottle (verde) – when it makes its debut on Ardbeg Day on 31st May.

There’s talk of the new signing being a bit of a hot head, thanks to its toasted cask lids. So is Manager Mickey Heads worried?

“There’s no smoke without fire, but I’m confident its creamy vanilla sweetness will tame its dark mocha coffee side,” said Mickey. “Anyhow, a bit of fire in the belly is no bad thing.” He added.

No doubt the Ardbeg Committee agree. So what will the fans make of the new bottling in the Ardbeg line up? If past signings are anything to go by, Auriverdes is bound to strike a chord and get the fans roaring. A superb performance is virtually guaranteed.

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