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Highland Park 1976


Destilleri:Highland Park
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Released in December 2011, the 1976 Vintage is the fifth release in the Orcadian Vintage Series.

The result of lengthy maturation in American oak, this Vintage delivers a lighter, tropical fruit and floral flavour, combined with the classic Highland Park sweet, smoky balance. The 1976 Vintage is taken from total of thirteen casks, a mix of butts and hogsheads, to create 893 bottles of a distinctly Highland Park whisky but with softer finish. The box illustration for this 1976 Vintage celebrates Orkney’s Scandinavian heritage, inspired specifically by an 11th century silver brooch in the Urnes style.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Light gold

Nose: Light, fresh fruit such as melon and mango, freshly cut resinous wood. A wonderful butter hint arrives late then the classic heather sweet note.

Palate: Very floral to start, reminiscent of the heather fields of Hobbister Moor in bloom, marzipan and coconut, and ending in a honey coated almond.

Finish: Lingering notion of balance between wood and cream, neither in the ascendancy, smooth violet softens the finish.

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