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Ardbeg Rollercoaster




Ardbeg lancerede den 15. februar 2010 en ny special release ved navn ‘Rollercoaster’.

Denne gang har de vatted et fad fra hvert år Ardbeg har været ejet af Glenmorangie PLC. Det drejer sig om årene fra og med 1997 til og med 2006 (nyere fade har ikke kunnet medtages på grund af lovkravet om mindst 3 års fadlagring).

Følgende fade indgår:

1997: Second fill Barrel

1998: Refill Hogshead

1999: First Fill Barrel

2000: First Fill Barrel

2001: Refill Barrel

2002: Refill Barrel

2003: First Fill Barrel

2004: First Fill Barrel

2005: Second Fill Sherry Butt

2006: Refill Hogshead

Sælges kun til medlemmer af Ardbeg Comittee. Denne release er i anledning af 10 års jubilæet for Ardbeg Comiitee. Ardbeg skriver selv:

"Ardbeg Tenth Anniversary Committee Bottling

Colour: Rich Gold

Nose: An enormous whisky, a perfect fusion of sweetness, spice, crearny malt and deep smoke; a sensational example of muln-layered classic Ardbeg. Fudge, burnt sugar and treacle toffee emerge first with peat encased in dark chocolate. Cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg spices bring warmth and richness before a wave of iodine, coal tar and linseed oil takes hold. Fresh top notes of menthol, fennel and pine resin lift you higher. Dipping in further reveals deep notes of brambles and black cherries together with hallmark beeswax. With water, smoke bellows from the glass with smoky chimneys, leafy bonfires and tea leaves. A stony beach is discovered, covered with crispy seaweed, creosote and resinous tarry ropes. A bowlful of apples and pears awaits, dipped in toffee with dates and spices. Smoky asparagus and sweet potato emerge with pepper and earthy peat.

Taste: Big, rich and exceedingly smooth and peaty, the mouthfeel is at once crearny and chewy, coating the entire palate with a wave of silk-velvet smoke.

Fragrant peat smoke rolls over the tongue bringing black cherries, cloves, chocolate ganache and fudge; a deliciously smoky dessert. A breeze of fresh coriander, menthol and violets lifts to the roof of the mouth, followed by chewy sugared almonds and tangy lime juice.Waxy peat smoke constantIy fllls the palate with rolling cocoa, clotted cream and scented smoke from beginning to end.

Finish: The taste refuses to go away. The finish is long and scented with fragrant wood smoke, spices (cloves and aniseed) and clotted cream."

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