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Port Askaig 25 Islay


Uafhængig aftapper:Speciality Drinks Ltd


Fra flaskelabel:

As years turn and season change, nature provides for man to shape but only the passing of time enriches. Islay's liquid treasure, so much a product of this mystic Isle, waits patiently as ageing oak casks work their magic.

Fra bagetiket:

The initial nose of exotic fruits evolves to unveil a honeyed, sweet mellow palate of subtle wood smoke, oak spice and vanilla. The elegant complexity and long mellow finish so typically of aged single Islay malt whisky from this part of Islay can only be achieved through slow ageing over many years in oak casks.

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20 Jun 2009Møde 8: Smagedag på Perlen

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Carsten: 79,0
Farve: M?rk str?gul. Smag: Lynghonning. skarp. (20 Jun 2009) Møde 8
Finn: 78,0
Farve: Str?gul. Duft: Let iod. fenol. meget lidt r?g. Smag: Lidt tynd. kort eftersmag. tr?. s?dme. vanille. (20 Jun 2009) Møde 8
Henning: 84,0
(20 Jun 2009) Møde 8 Spider diagram
Jann: 86,0
Farve: Lys rav. Duft: Blomster. Smag: R?get. (20 Jun 2009) Møde 8 Spider diagram
Lars: 78,0
Farve: Str?gul. Duft: S?dme. svag r?g. Smag: Fed. s?d. bl?d. (20 Jun 2009) Møde 8 Spider diagram
Peter: 83,0
(20 Jun 2009) Møde 8

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