Billede af flaske

Bowmore 37 (1968)




On the west coast of Scotland, lies the beautifully unspoilt Island of Islay. This small island is steeped in history and mystery; with only 3000 inhabitants, it has no fewer than eight working malt distilleries. Bowmore distillery lies on the shores of Loch Indaal at the heart of the island. It is the original Islay distillery, having crafted its award winning malt whisky since 1779. Bowmore is renowned for its beautifully balanced, warm and smoky flavour.

It was back in 1968 when this rare expression of Bowmore first started its journey. The barley was first malted on the traditional malt floors, still in use today. The ‘green’ malt was then peat kiln dried at the distillery, imparting that glorious smokey aroma to the malt.

After fermenting in the large wooden ‘washbacks’, the pure spirit was then distilled from Bowmore’s large copper stills. But this was just the beginning of its journey. On the 19th November, 1968, the spirit was filled into selected bourbon oak casks and laid to mature in the cool dark vaults at the distillery.

For thirty seven years the casks remained undisturbed, protected from the Atlantic gales, lashing sea waves and long summer days by the thick Vault walls.

The journey is now nearing its end. After thirty seven years this stunning expression of Bowmore has finally been decanted into 708 bottles at its natural cask strength.

The dedication of theBowmore craftsmen and the long years of maturation have resulted in the ultimate example of the distillers’ art.

Now, for the final part of the journey. Please savour and enjoy every drop of this extremely rare Single Malt Scotch Whisky.


The colour is a rich deep mahogany. The aromas are delicate with candied fruits, cinnamon and warm smokey undertones. On the palate it is lightly smoked with exotic fruits and vanilla. The finish is warm, delicate and soft.