Billede af flaske

Bowmore 40





It was an unremarkable clear and sunny morning on the 22nd of November 1955, when this spirit was poured into its oak cask. The Gulf stream that warms the sea off Islay took the edge off the brisk breeze that blew from the West over the Atlantic swell. These same waters of Loch Indaal still pound the walls of Bowmore Distillery on the Hebridean Island of Islay, and seep through to the maturation vaults deep below, imparting the unique character to its Malt Whisky.

For four decades this remarkable whisky has lain in the same silent dark vaults and for twenty years the whisky breathed deep through its bourbon hogshead oak cask and matured becoming rich in colour and warm and subtle in flavour. Then, after transfer to a carefully selected sherry butt, it was once again laid to rest in the same vaults for a further two decades under the care of the men of Bowmore Distillery. Seven distillery managers carefully monitored its maturation and followed its progress to its ultimate bottling at cask strength.


This unique Bowmore, 40 Years Old, 1955 Vintage, Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a celebration of the skills of the Master Craftsman. The whisky is finally presented in a manner which reflects similar care and attention to detail and, once again, continues to honour the art and the tradition of such skills. This hand crafted glass decanter has been individually blown, hand cut and engraved by the artists of Caithness Glass, Scotland. Each decanter is individually numbered and has been created to reflect images of the traditional Bowmore bottle. The individual oak presentation case has been hand made by the Master Cabinet Makers of Charles Kirkby & Sons, Sheffield, England. Their world renowned skills have ensured that this extremely rare whisky has a final resting place worthy of such a unique pedigree.


Its colour is bronze with warm gold highlights. Its body is velvety soft and smooth and amazingly light for such a mature whisky. The nose is wave after wave of soft fruit with lighter unhurried oak and peat notes adding to the complexity. On the palate it is astonishingly fruity, due to the double wood maturation. However its true Hebridean characteristics become more evident towards the finish. A finish which is delayed, initially very gentle and then it happens and all the warmth of Islay comes alive.


Michael Jackson: Maltwhisky (4. udgave)91,0