Elements of Islay

Elements of Islay er en serie af Single Islay Malt Whiskies aftappet af Speciality Drinks Ltd (søsterselskab til The Whisky Exchange).

Serien er inspireret af traditionelle laboratorie flasker og etikketter.

Alle aftapninger er individuelle batches typisk fra mellem 5 og 20 casks. Hvert Islay destilleri har sit eget symbol i elements serien. Alle flasker mærkes med destilleriets 2 bogstavs symbol og batchnummeret.

Der oplyses ikke årgang eller alder.

Følgende noter stammer fra Whisky Magazine Issue 75:

Elements of Islay Cl1

Dave Broom

Nose: Highly phenolic. Seaweed and driftwood mingling with hay and a briny/rockpool aroma. There's some stewed pear. Water brings huge smokiness, edible seaweed and hot sand.

Palate: Sweet yet peppery. Juniper wood, smoked sausage balanced by a distinct sweetness.

Finish: Tingling and salty.

Comment: Young, vibrant and brimful of personality.

Rob Allanson

Nose: Coal tar soap mixed with hot bitumen. Slowly becomes grass fires smelt from the seashore, so you get that saltiness in there too.

Palate: Packs quite a punch with a lot of smoke at the front. There is also a sweetness in here shrouded in the smoke.

Finish: Short and cleansing.

Comment: A great healing malt for those colder days.

Elements of Islay Lp1

Dave Broom

Nose: There's an initial whiff of glue but then the smoke builds. This time it's tar and creosote, liquorice and a lightly fragrant note. Water reveals bay leaves and drying fishing nets.

Palate: Very sweet start, patisserie, melon then it shifts gear and becomes kiln-like (dusty) with pipe tobacco.

Finish: Fresh fish oatcakes and after an age, wellies.

Comment: This has an extra dimension and added energy. Brilliant balance.

Rob Allanson

Nose: A more rounded peat reek than the previous dram. Slight plastic edge, damp seaweed and wet pebbles.

Palate: Sweet at first, then moves into more earthy notes.

Finish: The smoke comes in waves.

Comment: Islay in a glass, it will take you back there instantly.


NavnAlderVol. pct.FOIJacksonMurrayDestilleri
Elements of Islay - Lg2ukendt58,086,5 77,0Lagavulin
Elements of Islay - Lg1ukendt56,883,5  Lagavulin
Elements of Islay - Br1ukendt 78,5 89,0Bruichladdich
Elements of Islay - Pe3ukendt54,8   Port Ellen
Elements of Islay - Kh1ukendt59,793,0  Kilchoman
Elements of Islay - Bn1ukendt55,769,6  Bunnahabhain
Elements of Islay - Br2ukendt49,3   Bruichladdich
Elements of Islay - Pe5ukendt57,9   Port Ellen
Elements of Islay - Lp1ukendt58,882,5 91,0Laphroaig
Elements of Islay - Ar1ukendt58,795,0  Ardbeg
Elements of Islay - CI1ukendt62,9  85,5Caol Ila
Elements of Islay - Ar2ukendt 91,3 90,5Ardbeg
Elements of Islay - Bw1ukendt52,978,7  Bowmore
Elements of Islay - CI4ukendt58,7   Caol Ila
Elements of Islay - Bn2ukendt56,1   Bunnahabhain
Elements of Islay - Lg4ukendt55,7   Lagavulin
Elements of Islay - Br4ukendt54,7   Bruichladdich
Elements of Islay - Br5ukendt53,8   Bruichladdich
Elements of Islay - Bw3ukendt51,6   Bowmore
Elements of Islay - Lp4ukendt54,8   Laphroaig
Elements of Islay - CI3ukendt50,1   Caol Ila
Elements of Islay - Pe1cirka 2758,7  95,5Port Ellen