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The Dalmore 50 years old




An astonishing little bottling, and for two reasons. Firstly, its size to price ratio...that's a lot for a couple of drams! However, it contains some whisky distilled in 1868 (not 19, 1868), 1922, 1926, and 1939.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Highly concentrated nose: black truffle, soy sauce and tamarind, roasted tea. Orange peel. Exotic and leathery with massive levels of whisky rancio mixed with a rooty vetiver note.

Palate: Polished, smoky. Prunes and earth. It could be an ancient armagnac. Obvious age and big tannic grip but there's a hint of berry fruits.

Finish: Lengthy and gripping.

Comments: Like drinking an ancient forest and not to everyone's taste (or pocket) but it has character and power.

Tasted by Dave Broom of Whisky Magazine

A History of a Remarkable Whisky

•1868, first filled to wood on 10th June 1868

–“Racked” to sherry wood 28th August 1880 and again on 5th October 1891

•1878, first filled to wood on 18th February 1878

–Racked to sherry wood on 30th April 1890 and again on 28th April 1908

•1922, first filled to wood on 4th March 1922

•From the above 3 casks were “racked”

–26/13r being racked on 1.5.1926

–26/14r racked on 20.7.1926

–26/61r racked on 18.8.26

–all 3 were then re-racked to a single, unique butt on 5th September 1977 then finally put in glass/bottle 17.2.1978

•1939, 2 casks filled on 30th March 1939 & 22nd December 1939

–Bottled to glass as a 52 yo on 28th Oct 1991

•All the above whiskies have been assessed, fused and harmonised and are an integral part of The 50

•Bottled at 52.7% abv

•Filtered at ambient temperatures to retain maximum mouth feel and character

•10 cl Crystal Decanter

•Crafted card presentation gift box

•Decanter secured with cork stopper for transit

•Crystal stopper for luxury presentation

•191 decanters released

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