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The Big Smoke 40


Uafhængig aftapper:Duncan Taylor


Aftapperen Duncan Taylor skriver: "THE BIG SMOKE is Islay Malt Whisky in its most rugged form, reminiscent of traditional Islay malts full of peat smoke and coastal sweetness. It has been bottled at two different strengths – giving the consumer the chance to make the choice of whether they want it in the 40% ABV version (called Big Smoke 40) or for the braver / more hardcore Islay fanatics, it is also available at 60% abv (called Big Smoke 60) – to be handled with care!"

Duncan Taylor anfører følgende smagsnoter om 40 procent udgaven: "Colour: Pale Straw. Nose: Damp smoke, coastal, germolene and citrus fruits. Flavour: Burnt Wood, barbeques and dry peat smoke. Finish: Dry ashy and smokey. Comments: Really packs a peat punch."


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