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SMWS 9.84 - Playing "sea battle" in the garden


Destilleri:Glen Grant
Uafhængig aftapper:SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society


Omtalt i Outturn marts 2015:

One Panel member found himself on the gun deck of an old wood-hulled warship with smells of ash, gun powder and spent cartridge, whilst others, more peacefully, are turning earth in their herb garden. The taste is hot and fiery – the battleship is in action – or we take a break from gardening on a sunny afternoon and enjoy rye bread dipped in olive oil. With water we take a rest sitting in a wicker chair on a warm cedar decking surrounded by pots of sage and heather. The taste now juicy, warm and pleasant like waffles with runny vanilla custard.

Colour: Pirate’s golden earring

Cask: Refill butt

Age: 25

Date distilled: 18-Apr-88

Strength: 55,6%