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SMWS 70.10 - Teenage Shenanigans


Uafhængig aftapper:SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society


Omtalt i Outturn maj 2010:

The nose conjured up a youthful romp in a hay barn: sweet peach perfume tangled with sticky homemade strawberry wine. Tropical fruits lip balm of mango and pineapple stole passionate kisses on perspiring cheeks. The aromas of early summer wafted through the dusky evening air: green twigs, gorse flower (coconut), cow parsley and lavender. A crumpled paper bag of sweets with dusty aniseed balls, parma violets, banana foams and Refreshers. Anais Anais and Vosene shampoo intertwined with scrumpy muffled promises never kept. Our rumpled scalliwags stole puffs from herbal cigarettes and tumbled their way home to separate beds.

Colour: Weathered winter thatch

Date distilled: 11-May-05

Cask: Refill barrel

Strength: 58.5%

Age: 9