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SMWS 121.78 - Dinner time!


Destilleri:Isle of Arran
Uafhængig aftapper:SMWS - Scottish Malt Whisky Society


Omtalt i Outturn maj 2015:

The nose seemed like an entire meal on one plate – chip shop wrappers, Brown sugar-glazed ham and marmite on toast, followed by syrup sponge, stewed rhubarb and sticky toffee pudding; mainly sweet and savoury but with less obvious aromas of grass, gloss paint, car wax, Calmac ferries and Alpen muesli hiding behind. The palate had the same sweet-savoury duality – Marshmallows, Danish pastries and vanilla bonbons along-side roast beef gravy and honey-glazed parsnips – but now its spicy character became agreeably obvious (cinnamon toast, nutmeg, sweet chilli flavoured crisps). An enjoyable dram that got our juices flowing and made us feel hungry.

Colour: Pale mustard

Date distilled: 2-Dec-99

Cask: Refill hogshead

Strength: 54.9%

Age: 15